A. Introducing MSD
It is considered the backbone of the BCCI, and it includes in its membership owners of the establishments officially licensed in the business sector. As it was optional to the decision of the owner of the establishment to join the General Assembly, it became now mandatory after the approval of the Head of the Palestinian National Authority on the decision of the Palestinian Law of Chambers of Commerce & Industry, which would serve the growth of the Chamber economically through the increase of the number of members and thus work to provide the best services that will meet their needs and achieve their interests in line with their will.
The Department recommends either to accept or to refuse the application by the businesspeople to become members of the General Assembly with a statement of the reasons and after the field inspection on the facility. In case of refusal, the applicant shall submit the case to the Director-General of the Chamber and to a committee from the Board of Directors to discuss the reasons and then take the appropriate decision.

B. MSD Services
1. Preparation and certification of personal identification certificate and the practice of profession.
2. Issuance of member certificate / partner / employee to obtain a merchant permit.
3. Prepare certificate of origin.
4. Preparation of Jordanian passport transactions.
5. Ratification all kinds of guarantees (judicial, damages, student).
6. Organize training courses and workshops concerned with the affairs of the private sector.
7. Organize meetings for businessmen & businesswomen, and work on networking between them and the local associations.
8. Dissemination of information and data relating to members of the General Assembly upon request.
9. Issuance of identification cards for members of the General Assembly.
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