1. Membership & Services Department (MSD)
It is considered the backbone of the BCCI, and it includes in its membership owners of the establishments officially licensed in the business sector. As it was optional to the decision of the owner of the establishment to join the General Assembly, it became now mandatory after the approval of the Head of the Palestinian National Authority on the decision of the Palestinian Law of Chambers of Commerce & Industry, which would serve the growth of the Chamber economically through the increase of the number of members and thus work to provide the best services that will meet their needs and achieve their interests in line with their will.

2. Trade Promotion Center (TPC)
The Center was established as a non-profit center in April, 2004 under the supervision of the Chamber and in cooperation with various parties in order to support, develop, promote and market all local industries and products. Another aim for its establishment is the organization and development of the commercial and industrial interests of the private sector. The Center is characterized by the presence of a permanent exhibition with a world-class area of 450 m2, which is considered the first promotional tool of its kind in Palestine that aims to display all products manufactured in the governorate and introduce them to the local, regional and international community.

3. Businesswomen Center (BC)
In 2007 the BCCI established the Business Women Committee, which is the first of its kind to concern itself with issues pertaining to businesswomen at the level of commercial and industrial chambers in Palestine. The initiative aims to follow up on businesswomen issues, develop their skills and enhance their presence and activity within the BCCI and in the business world. The committee succeeded in participating in a number of conferences and activities for women in business in and outside Palestine. In 2011, the committee's efforts culminated in the election of the first businesswomen for the BCCI's board of director's membership in a fair election process; to be the first elected businesswomen in the boards of directors of all chambers in Palestine.
Initially, the committee included businesswomen formally registered in the BCCI's membership. Later, the vision and mission of the committee was expanded for the benefit of a wider segment of women in Bethlehem by targeting the informal businesswomen (craftswomen) and female entrepreneurs of very small businesses; fostering the social responsibility of the BCCI. By 2012, the Businesswomen Center (BC) was established in order to work towards achieving this refined mission.

4. Business Development Center (BDC)
The idea of establishing the Business Development Center (BDC) was raised in 2008 to expand the scope of services offered by the BCCI to its members and to serve as the technical arm in following-up owners of economic enterprises and help them adapt to the challenges of business in the region. The Center provides new distinctive services distant from the scope of routine services through highly qualified staff. The Center provides consultancy and advice to the owners of commercial and industrial establishments.

5. Information Technology Center (ITC)
BCCI seeks to keep up with developments in various fields and adopt new technologies to improve the level and quality of services provided to the members. The Chamber founded the Information Technology Center (ITC) to provide technological and technical support to all departments with the Chamber and introduce developed and modern techniques in the fields of management, services and technology. The Center also works to provide technological support and advice to the members in cooperation with other departments.

6. TVET Unit
Based on the strong belief of the (BCCI: Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and industry) in the importance of providing high quality services to the registered members in the diverse sectors: commercial, industrial, and service. The different sectors have a major role in supporting and developing the Palestinian economy and due to the importance of well-trained people and the increasing demand from these sectors in this regards; BCCI has founded the TVET Unit in April 2016, to raise the efficiency of workers and improve the condition of vocational and technical education training in the governorate of Bethlehem, hence contribute in the development of the economy. Basically the main objective of this unit is to strengthen the role of vocational training in the governorate, in addition to building the capacity of employees and workers in various sectors in Bethlehem and respond to the continuously changing market needs through customized trainings based on needs- assessment studies.

  1. Promoting for the vocational training in the governorate.
  2. Organizing training courses and workshops, based on training needs-assessment studies (for the registered members.)
  3. Strengthen the association and network with vocational training institutions.
  4. Respond to changes in the labor market and through customized training programs.
  5. Needs-Assessment studies.
  6. Study the Quality of the skills attained by the Graduates of the Vocational Training Centers.
  7. Undergo studies – Primarily market needs studies.
  8. Strengthen the communication with the private sector.
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