1. Basic Services provided by the Membership & Services Department
BCCI offers basic services to its members, which include the following:
1. Preparation and certification of personal identification certificate and the practice of profession.
2. Issuance of member certificate / partner / employee to obtain a merchant permit.
3. Prepare certificate of origin.
4. Preparation of Jordanian passport transactions.
5. Ratification all kinds of guarantees (judicial, damages, student).
6. Organize training courses and workshops concerned with the affairs of the private sector.
7. Organize meetings for businessmen & businesswomen, and work on networking between them and the local associations.
8. Dissemination of information and data relating to members of the General Assembly upon request.
9. Issuance of identification cards for members of the General Assembly.

2. Qualitative Services

2.1 Trade Promotion Center Services
The Center works on providing several qualitative services to members, which aim to promote and market the products of the Bethlehem Governorate. These services include:
1. Promote local products through displaying samples of them in the permanent exhibition, where local delegations; school students, some local visitors and foreign delegations
call for a tour.
2. Issue business cards to the participants in the exhibition to facilitate the promotion of their products abroad.
3. Issue specialized introductory bulletins, brochures and catalogs to promote the local industry.
4. Organize specialized training courses that aim to increase the awareness of members on various economic topics, as well as specialized workshops to improve management within the companies and local enterprises.
5. Organize, manage and sponsor exhibitions as well as of trade missions to strengthen trade and business relations.
6. Organize specialized promotional festivals and local exhibitions to promote local products.
7. Train fresh graduates to enhance their professional.
8. Encourage and facilitate domestic and international investment.

2.2 Businesswomen Center Services
The Center, in collaboration with BCCI's departments and centers, works to support and develop projects of women members in the Center and others through the provision of the following services:
1. Organize training courses and workshops in several areas of interest to businesswomen.
2. Arrange the participation of businesswomen in the local and international exhibitions and conferences.
3. Provide consulting services for the development of work of the businesswomen.
4. Assist in the understanding of the market and in the development of businesswomen products to fit with the needs of the market.
5. Conduct studies and researches in the areas that specialize in the works of businesswomen.
6. Sort out the various activities and events that aim at integrating women and businesswomen in business and society.
7. Involve women and businesswomen in all activities and events of BCCI.
8. Arrange to the women and businesswomen benefit from the services of the other departments of BCCI.

2.3 Business Development Center Services
1. Contribute in the preparation of economic and marketing studies in collaboration with specialized local institutions.
2. Hold business meetings for members in specific centers.
3. Develop training programs and conduct workshops that are consistent with the needs of the members.
4. Study the local investment climate and advise on investment opportunities.
5. Provide specialized consulting services.
6. Enable businesspeople to introduce modern management techniques.
7. Provide technical consultancies on web pages.
8. Prepare economic bulletins.

2.4 Other Services
1. BCCI offers a number of its halls for the use of its members, institutions and trade unions to hold meetings and organize conferences & seminars.
2. Organize and participate in the organization of many economic & social activities in the various occasions and holidays, such as: The Olive Festival, The Holidays' Festival, The Yacht Med Festival in Italy, and other activities that promote local craft & industrial products that reflect the social responsibility of the Chamber towards the society.
3. Provide and circulate information: This service is geared to individuals, institutions and local and foreign official bodies that address the Chamber for information. These applications revolve around the following topics:
3.1 Statistics and figures about some of the economic indicators in the Bethlehem Governorate.
3.2 Information about:
- Local and international exhibitions.
- Import and export procedures.
- Companies produce certain goods in certain countries for the purpose of import.
- A list of the members of the General Assembly in the Chamber.
4. Hold specialized sectoral meetings and make recommendations to the concerned authorities.
5. Provide investment ideas for potential investors.
6. Develop plans that contribute to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.
7. Promote and market local products.
8. Facilitate the means of communication for members domestically and internationally, through:
* Video Conferencing.
* Internet.
9. Provide legal consultation to the members of BCCI on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.
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