About the Committees

The Committees of the Board of Directors aim to serve the diverse economic sectors, which in turn contribute to the development of the local economy in the governorate. A number of specialized sectoral committees have been formed to become a tool by which to identify the conditions and problems of the private sector and its constraints to follow-up with the competent authorities and to try to suggest solutions for them. The membership of these committees includes in addition to the Board of Directors a number of businessmen members of the BCCI within these different sectors.

The Objectives of establishment the Committees

1. Identify the difficulties which face the economic sectors and coordinate with the concerned parties to solve these problems and difficulties.

2. Strengthen communication and relationship between the BCCI and its members.

3. Enhance the performance of the private sector through the organization of workshops, seminars and others.

4. Enable the private sector to contribute in achieving the economic vision of the governorate.

5. Strengthen the role of BCCI in representing the private sector and provide better services to members of the General Assembly.

Board Committees

The following five main committees were formed from the board members:

1. Commercial

2. Industrial

3. Agricultural

4. Tourism

5. Arbitration

In addition to committees of Media & Public Relations, Administrative & Personnel, Finance and Construction.