Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry Involvement in the Emergency Situation in Palestine

Event Date: 29 March 2020
Report Date: Sunday 29/03/2020

*Follow ups with the president of the Palestinian Chambers of Commerce & Industry Federation concerning the current emergency situation.
* Providing the Civil Defense in Bethlehem Governorate with a water compressor as participation in the sterilization process .
* Providing Irtas municipality with sterlization products and medical gloves .
*Follow ups for issuing electronic visa cards ( ATM ) for the employees of public sector and handling them over with the support of Bethlehem Governorate.
*Facilitating the movement of Fruits and Vegetables dealers to reach their stores inside Bethlehem Governorate.
*The continuation of posting awareness publications to urge people to implement the instructions of Ministry of Health & local authorities for the safety and benefit of all.

Stay safe
Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce & Industry