Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry initiated a course on fundamental Computer skills

Event Date: 05 October 2023

Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry, represented by Mrs. Amjad Janazreh, coordinator of the Business Women Center, initiated the first sessions of the fundamentals and skills of using computers for women in cooperation with the Women's Work Department in the Ministry of Awqaf - Bethlehem Directorate., She highlighted the significant support that the Chamber of Commerce provides to women, empowering them and equipping them with the necessary knowledge in various skills that can create numerous opportunities for them. She also expressed her gratitude for the commitment of women in the Women's Labor Department and their cooperation with the Chamber in providing beneficial programs that offer women valuable knowledge


This training course aims to impart various computer skills to the participants, especially the fundamental concepts of information technology, how to use a computer, manage and protect files, and the most important applications used. Additionally, the course covers essential applications and the utilization of distance education tools. It's worth mentioning that 12 women from the Women's Labor Department are actively participating in these training sessions. These training sessions are one of the services that the Chamber of Commerce aims to provide to women in the governorate from various geographic regions to enhance their capabilities and develop their skills in line with market demands