The subcommittee of the Tripartite Committee for Production Parties holds its regular meeting

Event Date: 27 January 2024

A meeting was held at Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry, attended by the treasurer of the Chamber representing the private sector, representatives from the Ministry of Labor, and a representative from the Palestinian Federation of Labor Unions.

During the meeting, the tripartite committee was reactivated and restructured. Proposals outlining the committee's working mechanism were presented to maintain stability in labor relations. Various topics were discussed, including the challenges facing struggling sectors, especially the tourism sector, and the impact of current challenges on labor relations. The importance of dialogue to enhance the local economy was emphasized during the meeting, stressing the necessity of forming the tripartite committee to provide consultations and solutions in line with the current situation. In conclusion, the attendees expressed gratitude for the efforts of Bethlehem Chamber for their role in enhancing the stability of labor relations and promoting economic development in the governorate.