Introducing Membership and Service Department


It is considered the backbone of the BCCI, and it includes in its membership owners of the establishments officially licensed in the business sector. As it was optional to the decision of the owner of the establishment to join the General Assembly, it became now mandatory after the approval of the Head of the Palestinian National Authority on the decision of the Palestinian Law of Chambers of Commerce & Industry, which would serve the growth of the Chamber economically through the increase of the number of members and thus work to provide the best services that will meet their needs and achieve their interests in line with their will.

The Department recommends either to accept or to refuse the application by the businesspeople to become members of the General Assembly with a statement of the reasons and after the field inspection on the facility. In case of refusal, the applicant shall submit the case to the General Director of the Chamber and to a Chairman of the Board to discuss the reasons and then take the appropriate decision.


Applicant to the Membership of Bethlehem chamber of Commerce & Industry should be:


  1. A holder of Palestinian Nationality
  2. Should have a commercial registration 
  3. Should be registered at the company controller in the Ministry of National Economy.
  4.  Non-Palestinian Nationality (companies or Individuals) should have a pre-approval from the Government.
  5. Public or limited shareholding companies should be registered at official departments.

A General Assembly Member loses its membership in the following Circumstances:

1-Incase of losing the above-mentioned conditions

2- when missed paying the registration fees for two consecutive years

3- If he declared bankruptcy

4- If the facility is closed for more than two years.

5-If the legal licenses are canceled by the official authorized departments.

6-If he was dismissed by a decision of BCCI Board of Director.

If any of the above-mentioned conditions were solved, the applicant can apply for a new membership and pay the membership fees according to the law regulations.

Note: A member can’t register more than once unless he has more than one profession and are located in different places.

The Needed documents for Registration:

1-Filling the registration form and providing the following formal papers for each case:


A-Individual ownership:

-Commercial registry from Ministry of National Economy

-Rental Agreement or proof of ownership

- A copy of Personal Identification card

B- Companies :)Private Joint Venture Company, Limited Joint Venture Company, General Partnership)

-Company’s controller certificate

-Company’s establishment contract

-Rental Agreement or proof of ownership

-A copy of partners Identification card

-Company Internal System for (private Joint venture, Limited joint venture)

-The approval of Ministry of Tourism & Antique only for tourism entities.


2- Doing site visits for applied Companies

3-Proceeding in the registration procedures and paying the registration fees.


Members classifications Categories:

The chamber of commerce& Industry depends mainly on the capital of the project as a main approved indicator for classification ,accordingly the degree  set for each project reflects the economic size of the corporate ,if the project is a company ,the capital is determined based on the amount defined in the company controller’s certificate, as for individual owned projects , its determined based on the amount defined in the Commercial Register that is issued by the Ministry of National Economy .


Types of Categories:


















The membership period in the chamber of commerce & Industry is one year, starts from the date of subscription till the end of the calendar year at 31/12 of each year, and renewed annually by paying the subscription fees according to the classified category.



Procedures for Subscription renewal

  • If the member has not renewed his subscription for more than two consecutive years, a new application will be submitted and the affiliation fee is paid.
  • If the member has not renewed his subscription for less than two years, it is 

ensured that the required documents are available before renewing the subscription .


Basic Services provided by the Membership & Services Department

The Membership & Service Departments works at registering the economical establishment within Bethlehem governorate in the general Assembly members according to the different economic sectors and provide them with the needed services to perform their work.


Main Services provided:
1. Preparation and certification of personal identification certificate and the practice of profession.
2. Issuance of member certificate / partner / employee to obtain a merchant permit.



3 issuance of Embassy certificates for visa application 
4. Prepare certificate of origin.



5. Preparation of Jordanian passport transactions.
6. Ratification all kinds of guarantees (judicial, damages, employee, student).
7. Organize workshops concerned with the affairs of the private sector.
8. Organize meetings for businessmen & businesswomen, and work on networking between them and the local associations.9



9. Dissemination of information and data relating to members of the General Assembly upon request.
10. Issuance of identification cards for members of the General Assembly.