In 2007, BCCI established the Business Women Committee, which is considered the first of its kind to be involved with gender issues regarding the economic inequality that facing women in Bethlehem Governorate. BWC aims to follow up on businesswomen issues, develop their capacities, and promote their existence as active members within the Chamber and community. Shortly after that the committee evolved and grow to be Businesswomen Center with a physical office and an employee that manages and coordinate women needs. The center creates empowering economical programs and workshops that meets women needs in the governorate. 

Since its establishment, BWC represents the voice for women business owners and entrepreneurs within the Bethlehem business community which has increased substantially through designing and implementing a series of targeted interventions including: 

  1. Building the capacity of business women, women entrepreneurs and youth through providing tailored trainings, and workshops.
  2.  Encouraging entrepreneurship by targeting young women to join the center and working to create an integrated strategy with all of the Chamber's departments and centers to qualify them for the labor market.
  3. Advocate and promote for women issues in the business sector through advocacy, and conducting workshops seminars, and round table discussions in order to help them reach decision making positions.
  4. Activate participation in national teams for drafting relevant policies including: The National Team for Women Employment.

Our Vision

BWC aims, through partnership and integration with partner and supportive institutions that are active in empowering women in the private sector, to achieve its vision of playing a central role in supporting women to become leaders in the visible and invisible economy of Palestine.

Our Mission

Representing women and business owners in the Chamber and providing them with support to develop their businesses, attracting business and craftswomen to interact with the Center activities to raise and develop their capabilities. The center works to achieve these goals through consulting, training and financing services, in addition to working to integrate women to participate more in the business community.

The center objectives

  1. Highlighting the achievements of women in various economic sectors.
  2. Cooperating with local, Arab and international institutions concerned with economic affairs to benefit from their programs in relation to enhancing women's contribution to economic development.
  3. Empowering women and supporting them economically, socially and culturally
  4. Improving women skills and expose them to new experiences.
  5. Protect women rights and represent their businesses and defend their rights.
  6. Creating new generations of young women entrepreneurs
  7. Increase and develop their role and participation in society.

The Center services

  1. Enhance communication with female members of the General Assembly.
  2. Increasing the representation of women in events and activities.
  3. Promoting the center and its goals to relevant institutions.
  4. Arrange various workshops that meets the needs of women members and beneficiaries.
  5. Participate in conferences concerned with the economic and social empowerment of women to exchange experiences.
  6. Promote the concepts of social responsibility among women members and beneficiaries.
  7. Conduct awareness-raising workshop on various topics for women members and beneficiaries.
  8. Organizing periodic exhibitions to market products of female members and beneficiaries.