Businesswomen Center Services

The Center, in collaboration with BCCI's departments and centers, works to support and develop projects of women members in the Center and others through the provision of the following services:
1. Organize training courses and workshops in several areas of interest to businesswomen.
2. Arrange the participation of businesswomen in the local and international exhibitions and conferences.
3. Provide consulting services for the development of work of the businesswomen.
4. Assist in the understanding of the market and in the development of businesswomen products to fit with the needs of the market.
5. Conduct studies and researches in the areas that specialize in the works of businesswomen.
6. Sort out the various activities and events that aim at integrating women and businesswomen in business and society.
7. Involve women and businesswomen in all activities and events of BCCI.
8. Arrange to the women and businesswomen benefit from the services of the other departments of BCCI.