Basic Services provided by the Membership & Services Department

Services provided by Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry to the business community:

1.    Preparation of certificates of origin for exporting locally manufactured goods abroad.
2.    Authentication of various commercial guarantees (judicial, damage and loss, employees, educational).
3.    Issuance of partner/member/employee certificates for applying for a business permit and visa for entry into various world countries.
4.    Preparation and authentication of personal identification and professional practice certificates for renewing the Palestinian passport.
5.    Handling transactions for the Jordanian passport.
6.    Authentication of members' stamps and signatures on various certificates.
7.    Organization of workshops focusing on various economic sectors.
8.    Organization of meetings for businessmen and women, fostering networking among them and with local and international institutions.
9.    Assistance to General Assembly members in obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certification and implementing governance systems.
10.    Promote local products through the electronic platform and websites, showcasing them in the permanent exhibition, and conducting campaigns.
11.    Consultation and participation in formulating and amending laws with official authorities to meet the private sector's demands.
12.    Provision of General Assembly members with all available local and international economic data, statistics, and studies.
13.    Organization of trade missions to contribute to opening new markets and encouraging trade exchanges.
14.    Provision of the chamber's halls and facilities for General Assembly members and non-members to execute various activities.
15.    General Assembly members' access to financial discounts from economic and health facilities through signed agreements.
16.    Organization of training courses based on the training needs of General Assembly members.
17.    Organization of training courses to build the capacities of businesswomen and workshops in various areas relevant to business owners.
18.    Provision of economic and legal consultancy services and preparation of preliminary studies.
19.    Arbitration and resolution of trade disputes between General Assembly members and external entities.
20.    Contribution to corporate social responsibility campaigns.
21.    Identification of obstacles and challenges faced by General Assembly members in various economic sectors, determining their needs, proposing suitable solutions, and assisting in overcoming these obstacles in collaboration with relevant official entities.
22.    Assistance to General Assembly members in sourcing goods, services, and raw materials from different countries.
23.    Organization of General Assembly members' participation in local and international exhibitions.