Trade Promotion Center Services
The Center works on providing several qualitative services to members, which aim to promote and market the products of the Bethlehem Governorate. These services include:
1. Promote local products through displaying samples of them in the permanent exhibition, where local delegations; school students, some local visitors and foreign delegations
call for a tour.
2. Issue business cards to the participants in the exhibition to facilitate the promotion of their products abroad.
3. Issue specialized introductory bulletins, brochures and catalogs to promote the local industry.
4. Organize specialized training courses that aim to increase the awareness of members on various economic topics, as well as specialized workshops to improve management within the companies and local enterprises.
5. Organize, manage and sponsor exhibitions as well as of trade missions to strengthen trade and business relations.
6. Organize specialized promotional festivals and local exhibitions to promote local products.
7. Train fresh graduates to enhance their professional.
8. Encourage and facilitate domestic and international investment