The Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI) is an independent and non-profit organization with public benefit, which represents the private sector in the governorate, and has an important role in the economic scope of work as well. BCCI is one of the leading associations that strengths the economy in the governorate, and in spite of all obstacles it is attracting new investments in collaboration with investment associations to achieve sustainable development. It dedicates all efforts to help members of its General Assembly to withstand the hard conditions and encourage them to grow and expand.

The BCCI falls under the umbrella of the Palestinian Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry based in Ramallah, which includes 14 other chambers in Palestine. The first Chamber established in Bethlehem was in the early fifties of the twentieth century, where the first Board of Directors was elected in 14/4/1952, and then, in 30/8/1965, a new board was elected and continued the process in integrating efforts. As the Governorate of Bethlehem was extensively preparing itself to celebrate the Second Millennium, and simultaneously witnessing a conspicuous entry into a new period of construction and structural renovations, the Minister of Economy issued his resolution to appoint the current Board of Directors that includes a top-level group of businessmen and economists. Hence, the Chamber started a new phase of its history targeting to accelerate local commercial growth, and to promote a needed commercial cooperation with regional and international chambers of commerce.

In line with the decision of her excellency Minister of Economy Mrs. Abeer Odeh, NO.320 of the year 2018, On the announcement of the elections of Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the 27th of Nov 2018, The new board of the electoral cycle 2018-2022 they’ve won by acclamation, consisting of 11 members representing all economic sectors in the province, who are all working to serve the members of the General Assembly in the chamber and on the development of all economic programs. They all committed headed by Dr. Samir Hazboun, who held this position in the previous period to assume this great responsibility and to meet the expectations of the General Assembly members, and to work on fulfilling their needs that are in line with the strategic priorities which is focused on the status of the chamber at the forefront of supporting all policies and directions of the private sector, Also to support local industries and products to achieve a sustainable local economic development.

Strategic Objectives

1. Encouraging economic activity across various sectors in the governorate.
2. Increasing the satisfaction levels of the General Assembly members and enhancing the public perception of the Bethlehem Chamber in the community.
3. Strengthening communication with the business community and establishing stronger partnerships with local community institutions.
4. Ensuring the financial sustainability of the chamber by diversifying income sources and investing in suitable opportunities.
5. Improving and developing the internal work environment.
6. Enhancing the role of Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry in shaping the overall economic policies of the governorate.
7. Promoting green economy initiatives in Bethlehem governorate.

Mission Statement

We work on providing better services to our members and the community through counseling, guidance and capacity development using technological methods. We also work on an effective representation for our members and defend their interests. Besides, we work on activating the partnership with civil society organizations and the public sector. We also focus on empowering marginalized groups, entrepreneurs, youth and women.
In addition, we work to raise the quality of the national products and promote them internally and externally. We strive to raise the capacities of our employees so that their institutional performance is distinguished in order to achieve the highest standards of transparency, openness and freedom of opinion.

Philosophy & Value

The philosophy of BCCI is to encourage the spirit of cooperation and initiative among the members & staff and the institutional cooperation to achieve sustainable economic development in the community. BCCI considers its activities derived from the needs and priorities of its members and has committed itself in a set of values to help achieve its vision. Among these values: integrity, accountability, transparency, integration and adaptation to change, openness, social responsibility, professionalism and adherence to international standards in performance.

General Goals

1. Organize commercial and industrial interests of the private sector associations in the governorate affiliated to the Chamber, and representing them at the various stakeholders within & outside the country, and defends the various issues related to taxes, customs, import & export and laws & regulations.
2. Support and develop local industries (consultations, training courses, exhibitions).
3. Develop and increase the size of exports of the national products to external markets, and establish solid business relationships with the Chambers of Commerce & Industry of Arab and foreign countries.
4. Promote the culture of the private sector through the issuance and exchange of statistics and distribution of business pamphlets and brochures.
5. Arbitrate in commercial disputes.


A Chamber with an outstanding performance to achieve sustainable economic prosperity.

Board Of Directors
Dr. Samir Hazboun
Dr. Samir Hazboun
Chairman of the Board
Mr. Khaled Al Dara’wi
Mr. Khaled Al Dara’wi
Senior Vice President
Mr. Yousef Rahhal
Mr. Yousef Rahhal
Mr. Salim Muslim
Mr. Salim Muslim
Deputy Secretary