Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry launches its new E-commerce platform Site

Event Date: 07 October 2020

Today, Thursday , 08/10/2020, BCCI  launched its Electronic Commerce Platform as part of Its website,  in light of the economic situation that accrues in the last few months due to the spreading of Coronavirus pandemic BCCI took the initiative to create this platform in order to support all small and medium enterprises from BCCI General Assembly members In addition to other nonmembers in Bethlehem Governorate, for the purpose of selling via the electronic platform to reach a greater number of customers and increase their sales , therefore this platform will promote the products of the different economic sectors affected, especially the owners of handicrafts of oriental antiques, olive wood, mother of pearl , silver and  embroidered products from women participants of the BCCI Businesswomen Center, and will give them the opportunity to access global markets.

The new free-to-use interactive platform will also include a list of tourist guides in Bethlehem Governorate as it will enable them to promote their services and spoken languages for translation processes, linking their personal information to this Platform will support the tourism sector that had the largest share of damage as a result of the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

BCCI intends in the near future to open the chance of registration for different economic sectors to be listed at the platform. This initiative is considered to be the first of its kind among the Palestinian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and adopted by Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry to support and empower the performance of different economic sectors with every available resource.