Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry receives the commercial Counselor of the Austrian Embassy

Event Date: 26 August 2022

Bethlehem Chamber, represented by Dr. Samir Hazboun, Chairman of the Board of Directors, received Mr. Markus Haas, the commercial Counselor of the Austrian Embassy, in the presence of Mrs. Amjaad Janazreh, the coordinator of the Women Business Center. Dr. Hazboun welcomed him and provided an in-depth description of the current economic conditions in Bethlehem Governorate and Palestine in general and the prospects the country's economy offers, particularly in exporting local and handicraft items. On the other hand, Mr. Markus discussed the potential for collaboration, particularly in working with the women's sector and helping to develop the work of the Businesswomen Center in a way that ensures the availability of developed and improved products for women in international markets. The Vienna exhibition, which is anticipated to take place in October, was specifically mentioned as a potential networking opportunity for General Assembly members working in the food industry. Additionally, opportunities for bilateral business meetings with Austrian traders of various economic activities will be provided for them. The standing of businesswomen in the Chamber of Commerce and the main challenges faced by female entrepreneurs were briefly discussed by Mrs. Amjad Janazreh. Mr. Markus thanked the Chamber for hosting the meeting and providing the information at the conclusion of it. The Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry is working to improve ties on a local and international level with this gathering.