Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Anti-Corruption Commission organize a workshop on Governance in family-Owned  businesses in  Bethlehem Governorate

Event Date: 21 March 2023


The workshop opened with a welcome speech from the chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission, who thanked the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for its continuous efforts to develop the various forms of the corporate sector. He stressed that the Anti-Corruption Commission works to promote transparency and combat any manifestations of corruption in all sectors, including family businesses. On Behalf of Bethlehem chamber of Commerce & Industry ,Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Samir Hazboun welcomed the participants and declared that this workshop is part of the Chamber of Commerce's efforts to strengthen and develop the various economic sectors. He stressed that these workshops deal with various aspects in order to build strong economic sectors in the governorate. The meeting also included interaction and discussion among the attendees and an agreement to hold governance training sessions for the members of the General Assembly.