Finance and Personnel Department

The Finance and Personnel Department is considered to be one of the focal departments in the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as it interacts and cooperate with all other departments and centers in the chamber. Whereas it undertakes the tasks of managing the financial and human resources accordingly with the policies and regulations applied to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the administrative system. The department is keen to provide accurate data and information, and to deliver the outputs to the relevant parties in an optimal manner.


  1. Preparing financial plans to suit the strategies and objectives of the Chamber, in a manner that ensures increased revenues and rationalization of expenditures.
  2. Implementing the financial and administrative policies and regulations specified in the Chamber’s financial manual.
  3. Monitoring and controlling financial transactions in accordance with the Chamber's financial system.
  4. Preserving the Chamber’s funds and properties and working on developing them.
  5. Providing highly qualified human cadres and investing in them as much as possible through the existence of constructive strategies in the field of selection, appointment and development.

Responsibilities of Finance and Personnel Department:

  1. Preparing the annual budget, ensuring its approval and following up on its implementation according to the applicable regulations.
  2. Assisting and guiding the board by providing relevant financial information during budgeting, accounts to donors and other decision-making activities.
  3. Preparing financial reports and statements on monthly basis and when needed.
  4. Monitoring the cash flow, bank accounts and doing bank reconciliation on a monthly basis.
  5. Preparing financial transactions in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
  6. Preparing monthly employees payroll sheets and transactions.
  7. Maintaining the financial archive appropriately to ensure easy access to information.
  8. Managing employees’ records and updating them periodically.
  9. Maintaining confidential personnel files in compliance with applicable legal requirements.