Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ibtikar -Palestine conclude Bethlehem Entrepreneur Exhibition activities

Event Date: 08 April 2021

Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Businesswomen Center and Ibtikar- Palestine for Empowerment and Community Entrepreneurship concluded the activities of the Entrepreneurial Exhibition for the project "Supporting Women Entrepreneurs during the Covid 19 Pandemic". During the past five months, the project implemented a set of activities and training programs, which contributed in the development of women led economy in Bethlehem governorate and created a business-enabling environment for women entrepreneurs in the area, this exhibition is a result of the effort and perseverance that the participating women have made to manage and develop their entrepreneurial projects. It’s worth mentioning that 37  women from different areas of Bethlehem Governorate partcipated in  the exhibition.

The  event concluded with the distribution of cash awards, in addition to certificates of appreciation and participation for all participants. with the contribution of the Chamber of Commerce and Ibtikar -Palestine institution, for all women entrepreneurs who were able to prove their ccommitment during the training period,