The Business Women Center at Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry activates the Business Women Center Committee

Event Date: 22 July 2022
In the presence of Mr. Khaled Al-Darawi, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and responsible for the Businesswomen's Center, Ms. Elva Bandi, Deputy General Director, and Ms. Amjad Janazreh, Coordinator of the Business Women Center, a meeting to reactivate the Businesswomen's Committee and stimulate the role of women members of the General Assembly was organized by the BW Center. The participants in the BWC and the female General Assembly members were greeted by Mr. Al-Darawi. He said the purpose of the gathering was to stress ongoing engagement with Chamber of Commerce members and to attend to their needs and requests. He also made reference to the necessity of collaboration and integration between the female members and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in order to explore the potential for expanding their ideas and providing assistance for them in order to promote sustainable economic growth,. The meeting discussed a variety of challenges and concerns that affect the female residents of the governorate and made recommendations for appropriate remedies and actionable steps to remove them, particularly those that prevent the marketing of women's products in Palestinian markets. The women expressed their gratitude to the Chamber of Commerce for organizing the meeting and reaffirmed their dedication to playing a full and active part in society.