Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosts a session on financial laws and procedures to support the growth of the women's business sector.

Event Date: 11 August 2022

In collaboration with the Bethlehem Value Added Tax Department,  Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry arranged a session where the financial strategies and practices employed to advance and empower women in the business sector were discussed. Mr. Khaled Al-Darawi, Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors, inaugurated the workshop by extending a warm welcome to the guests and participants and highlighting the ongoing efforts made by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to support and uplift the status of Palestinian women and give them economic empowerment through the initiatives that the Business Women Center carries out. In response, Mr. Adel Al-Hodali, Treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry , stressed the importance that the Chamber of Commerce places on the women's sector by offering them a variety of services, establishing connections with public and private institutions, and presenting businesswomen to the organized legal business community. In his analysis of the financial follow-ups and procedures for women's initiatives, Mr. Mohamed Ziadeh- VAT and Customs Manager- emphasized the significance of tax compliance as well as the new resources made available by the updated tax law, particularly for the sector of craftswomen. As a result, Ms. Duha Sobh gave the women a thorough explanation of how to sign up and establish a file in the Directorate. During the meeting,

a panel discussion on the biggest challenges affecting women in the workforce, particularly financial ones, and many uncertainties for women were clarified.