Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry receives a group of students from Nahalin Secondary School for Girls

Event Date: 23 November 2022
Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry, represented by Dr. Samir Hazboun, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Mrs. Elva Bundy, Deputy General Director, received a group of students from Nahalin Secondary School for Girls, in coordination with Mr. Imad Al-Atrash, Executive Director of the Wildlife Society, the visit aimed to introduce the students to the Chamber’s objectives and services and its role in supporting the private sector. Dr. Samir Hazboun welcomed the attendees and appreciated the role played by the Wildlife Society to introduce environmental education and green environmental practices, and the need for students to be involved in these initiatives, in addition to the role of educational institutions in directing students and qualifying them for professional and technical fields of study. This visit comes within the efforts of Bethlehem Chamber to strengthen relations with the local community and educational institutions in order to provide students with scientific expertise and knowledge in various aspects.