Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry discusses ways of joint cooperation with the Civil Defense

Event Date: 27 June 2022
Dr. Hazboun -Chairman of BCCI- welcomed the attendees and thanked the Palestinian Civil Defense for its work in educating the public and providing guidance on how to handle various accidents. He also stressed the significance of encouraging citizens to take the necessary precautions to reduce risks, particularly in the economic sectors ,in addition  licensing procedures and civil defense requirements, significant issues and challenges faced by owners of private sector businesses in the governorate were also discussed. It was emphasized how important it is to strengthen joint cooperation between the two parties in order to overcome these challenges and help businesses obtain the necessary licenses. At the conclusion of the discussion, the two sides decided to work together to plan awareness events with the governorate's business owners in order to provide strategies for dealing with accidents and preventing them. It was also decided to establish a joint committee to oversee the execution of the meeting's recommendations.